C. Lynn Willis 

Basileus (President)

Soror C. Lynn Willis is the Basileus of Zeta Phi Sigma Alumnae Chapter. She spent 20+ years traveling the world and building Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority's brand.  She joined  Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority over 29 years ago to partner with powerful women to enhance the community.  She firmly believes in sisterhood and growth of this illustrious organization.  


Master's of Science in Educational Leadership with a major in the Foundations of Leadership from Troy University, Troy AL

Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Cheyney, PA

Associate Degree in Logistics from Community College of the Air Force  Maxwell AFB, AL

Julia Herring

Anti-Basileus (Vice-President)

Soror Julia Herring is originally from Fayetteville, N.C. She works as a registered nurse. She joined the Eta Mu Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated in Spring 2003 at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. She has held numerous positions throughout the organization and she is the current First Anti-Basileus of the chapter as well as the Area III Coordinator. 

Alicia Reed 

2nd Anti-Basileus (2nd Vice-President)

Soror Alicia Reed, is the current 2nd Anti-Basileus for Zeta Phi Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Prior to joining Zeta Phi Sigma, Soror Reed held office with Delta Psi Sigma Seattle Alumnae chapter as their 2nd Anti-Basileus; as well as the Basileus of her undergraduate chapter of Beta Epsilon in South Carolina. Soror Reed received her B.S. in Biology from Benedict College in Columbia, SC. Her goal as a member of Zeta Phi Sigma Alumnae Chapter is to leave a positive impact on Pierce County. There is so much to be done to help our community and she wants to help be a part of the change needed.



Talia Euell 

Grammateus/Philo Advisor

Soror Talia Euell is the current Grammateus, Tamiochus, and Philo Advisor of Zeta Phi Sigma Alumnae Chapter. She is a Michigan and Alabama native, a graduate of Austin Peay State University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and MBA from Bethel University. 

Tailia chose Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. because this organization fits her like no other. It gives her an opportunity to help people around the community as she travels with the military and meet new people with multiple cultures. She feals so welcomed by the women in the sorority and aims to continue to make others feel the same for many more years. 

Joy Bryan


Soror Joy Bryan is originally from Barbados where she had all of her formative education. She immigrated to the United States 30 plus years ago and joined the United States Air Force where she served over twenty years, all overseas. During that time, she traveled to both Europe and Asia. Besides traveling, she enjoys reading, cooking and gardening. She has an Associates Degree in Human Resource Management and Education, Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration and Certificate in Human Resource Management. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter. She is currently a travel agent, a Fl state Realtor and an author. She is  the winner of the Silver Medal from the Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association in 2018 for her book, titled, “Transformation: An 80 day Journey of Redemption, Renewal and Reformation.”

 She has a keen interest in assisting and serving others, in any way possible, and the Sorority Slogan of “Greater Service, Greater Progress” appeals to her because of the service to the community, especially women and youth in under served communities. She believes in giving a hand up, not a hand out because if you teach a person to fish, they will be able to eat and earn to improve their current experience in life.

Annette Zamudio


Soror Zamudio is originally from Southern California. After military service lead her to serve overseas she chose to come to the greater Seattle area for a new perspective and life. Soror Zamudio is a proud mom to her niece, nephew, and daughter. She graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. She is a former Assistant Preschool Teacher, and is currently seeking her next area for professional development. Soror Zamudio chose to join Zeta Phi Sigma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. to continue to help those less fortunate and serve her community better. She is looking forward to aiding and assisting in our projects, especially our Swim Program which reminds her fondly of her Coast Guard service.

Valencia Tapia 


Soror Valencia Tapia is from Lawton, Okahoma, and moved to Washington State in 2014. She joined this Great Sorority Spring 2012 through the Iota Chapter at  Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma, where she also received her Bachelors of Business Administration in Management. She currently resides in Puyallup, Washington, with her husband and son. She is currently the Assistant Marketing Director at South Hill Mall, but later plans to become an Entrepreneur. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family , watching Korean Dramas, and traveling as much as she can.

Karen Watts-Jones


Soror Karen Watts-Jones is a native from Lexington, KY.  She recently reactivated with the Zeta Phi Sigma Alumna Chapter, Tacoma, WA in effort to connect with professional and talented women that have a passion to give back to their community, but more importantly, the desire to be a positive influence to the youth of our community. She believes it is imperative that our youth see progressive professional women willing to invest in their future in addition to providing support and hope to the disenfranchised.  She joined Sigma Gamma Rho over 35+years ago as a Chapter member of Eta Phi Chapter at Western KY, University.  After serving her country and retiring, she is excited to be reunited with the Sorority and the dynamic women of Zeta Phi Sigma that have pride, purpose and a vision. Education:Bachelors of Science in Health Care and Community Health, from Western KY University, Bowling Green KY.


Renee Walker 

Rhoer Advisor 

Soror Renee Walker is the Rhoer Club Advisor for Zeta Phi Sigma chapter.

She chose Sigma Gamma Rho 27 years ago because I fell in love with the sisterhood and the community service. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Ethnic Studies.  She is currently the Operation Administrator for Financial Design Group.

Sylvia Cook

Rhoer Advisor 

Soror Sylvia Cook was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and joined this beautiful sisterhood in the fall of 1989 at Cheyney University with three other young ladies. She is a former US Marine and recently relocated to Tacoma Washington in December 2018 from Douglasville, GA. 

Malayna Taylor 

Soror Taylor joined the Omicron Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., in Fall 2016. She Graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Certification in Exercise Physiology. She is currently an Active Duty Officer in the United States Army, and pursuing a M.S. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 


Regina Calhoun 

Soror Calhoun is a Florida Native and graduated from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Healthcare Management. She joined this great sorority Spring 2009 through the Alpha Epsilon Chapter. Soror Calhoun currently serves Active Duty in the  United States Navy. 

Sharalyne King 

Soror  King is a native of Toledo, Ohio. She joined Sigma Gamma Rho in 1992 through the Delta Phi Chapter, at The Ohio State University. She joined this wonderful collegiate organization working alongside women who are professional and have a desire to help strengthen communities with their talents. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2013 and has worked with numerous professional Sigma women here in the area. Soror King has a Master in Teaching and Business Adimistration as well as a B.S in Public Health. 

Doris Miller 

Soror Doris Miller is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is Active Duty Navy and currently stationed in Washington. In 2014 she became a member of the Omicron Eta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. There she earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Sports Medicine.  Prior to the Navy she was a Girls’ Basketball coach of 4 years and a Kindergarten Teacher. Currently she is studying Sports Management at Liberty University to obtain a Master of Science in 2020. During her free time, she enjoys sports, playing with her fur babies, traveling and catching up on whatever Netflix show of interest at the moment. Doris is very family oriented and loves to laugh. She reactivated with Zeta Phi Sigma Alumnae Chapter with hopes to build relationships with like-minded women either professionally or socially. 

Natasha Myers 

Soror Natasha Myers is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and a true Southern belle at heart. Outside of being a single mother of three children, she is a full time Internal controls & investigations manager with the Department of Social & Health Services. While juggling being a mom and having a demanding career, she is also pursuing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration with concentration in Organizational Leadership. Natasha chose Sigma Gamma Rho because  she fell in love with everything this organization stood for. Growing up, she wanted to join a sorority, but a preference never crossed her mind. At that time, it was all about "status" and not the true meaning behind joining a sisterhood. As she got older, that ship sailed until she met a Philo who introduced her to Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. From day one, she felt welcomed, comfortable and could see the love these women had for one another, the organization and their mission. The more she learned about Sigma Gamma Rho, she knew this was the organization for her. "This is a family of educated, loving, supportive women who selflessly give their time to community work, provides education in various ways and who are determined to be a positive influence to all they encounter". Being a member of this organization has encouraged and motivated her to be the best woman, mother, leader and Soror she can be. She is beyond blessed to belong to SGRHO and will do her part to continue the traditions of this great organization.

Jacina Laboo

Soror Jacina LaBoo is from Kent, WA.  She joined the Pi Delta chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho in Spring 2001 at Washington State University.  She has taught physical education for 16 years.   Jacina currently lives in Covington, WA with her son Xavier.  In her spare time she enjoys working out, traveling and watching sports with family and friends.

Knisha Wolfgang

Social Action Chair

Soror Wolfgang is from a small town in Kentucky. Knisha graduated in Fall 2018 from Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green Ky) with a B.A. in Sociology with concentration in Family, gender, and sexuality studies. Minors in Gender and Women's Studies, and Criminology. Soror Wolfgang joined the Zeta Phi Sigma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc in Spring of 2019. Knisha currently is a Senior Outreach Associate for 3Degrees. 

"Sigma Gamma Rho  has all the aspects that I hold dear to me when it comes to what I want to do, which is working on prison reform/reentry programs, are embedded in the very foundation of SGRho. Creating opportunities and connections through community service, sisterhood, and advancing education to promote positive change can now be something I'm proud to say I contribute to. I'm now surrounded by women who share this sentiment, who push me to be the best version of myself, and are excited to see how I can do the same! Sigma Gamma Rho was founded at a PWI, and thrived despite adversity, and I want that to be a reflection of myself as well as other women who come after me."

Nicole Dotson

Soror Nicole Dotson is a Military Spouse, mother of two, and the CEO of her own jewelry company. Along side these roles, she is also a Certified Professional Life Coach who enjoys spending time with family, writing, and traveling. Soror Dotson Joined this great Sorority at the University of Tennessee through the Zeta Iota Chapter in 2007. Soror Dotson says she wanted to be affiliated with amazing women who were making a difference! 


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